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We are a division of SMB Enablers Pvt. Ltd. It is our endeavor to bring business solutions to small and medium enterprises in India. SME space in India is quite vibrant. There are over 5 million companies in the space without including micro and cottage sectors.

The primary need of SMEs is finance. Apart from that there are quite a few needs.

SME entrepreneurs spend their work day mostly fire fighting and managing finances. We do our bit to empower SME.


Often SME employees require more training than what they have and the available training has gaps. One such area is documentation work. Writing communication or preparing employment letter or maintaining receivables and payables in excel sheet etc., may look simple. Often, SME employees can do well with some help.

We are hosting all the documents that are necessary to carry out the business transactions smoothly. This place will evolve over a period of time and soon there will be a day when the documents needs of SMEs will be fulfilled in one place.

SMB Enablers Pvt Ltd.

SMB Enablers Pvt Ltd.

This is the company under which Docskart is a division. SMB Enablers raise debt funds, equity funds and restructure loans, preparing CMA Data, advising clients, etc.

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Shares in paper form are not readily available for encashment for owners of the share. We bring back the unclaimed will to the owners.

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