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CMA Report

The fact you are here suggests you need no introduction to CMA. Still, however, we thought we will provide you with the necessary details. You can generate CMA data Report by entering three years financial data. Get Going

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What is CMA Report?

Credit Monitoring Arrangement (CMA) Report is a performance analysis format of the business. It analyses the past performance as well as the projections with many ratios and analyses the health of the company. The flow of funds should be verified with the investor/banker. Being, the person investing the money in the company either as equity or debt in the business managed by someone else, they need to understand the fund's inflow and outflow of the particular business.

Banks provide funds based limits based  on the maximum permissible bank's finance calculated using any one of the following formulae.

Working capital

a. For matured companies

  1. In the case of mature companies, 75% of current assets minus current liabilities will be given as finance.
  2. For growing small companies’ current liabilities minus current assets are calculated first on this 75% is given as working capital.
  3. There are instances when working capital is restricted to 20% of the turnover.

b. Term loan

The term loan is given based on what is called as DSAR – Debt Service Average Ratio. This ratio should be at least 1.5. In effect with it say that your cash profit should atleast cover one and half times of the loan re-payment and principal repayment for that particular year.

What does the CMA report contain?

Form I – Particulars of current and proposed limits

Provides the list of limits availed by the customer and their utilization. The proposed limits, if any, are also provided for.

Form II – Operating statement

Past and projected Profit and Loss statement are analysed here.

Form III – Analysis of Balance Sheet

All the Balance Sheet items are analysed in this statement.

Form IV – Comparative statement of current assets and current liabilities

Here the working capital cycle is analysed to find out whether the borrower is in a position to get the working capital cycle.

Form V – Maximum permissible bank finance

This is the most important statement when the buyer's eligibility for the loan is ascertained.

Form VI – Fund for statement

This captures the moment of funds, tracking, the inflow and outflow.

Form VIII – Ratio analysis

Various key ratios are analysed in this sheet.

Apart from these, we prepare a key financial indicator statement, sensitivity analysis, trend analysis and summary statement.

Features of our CMA Report Generator

Projection for 12 Years.

Handle 10 Working Capital Loans and calculate interest.

Handle 10 Term Loans and calculate repayment schedule.

Handle 10 EMI Loans and calculate repayment schedule.

Restructure the Term Loan.

Restructure Working Capital Loan.

New Working Capital Loan and EMI Loan

Schedule New Term Loan

Moratorium Repayment and Balloon Repayment.

Convert debt to Share Capital



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