1. What is Docskart?

Docskart is a document repository which holds business related documents which can be used by small or medium business. You can get documents relating to business process here.

2. Why Docskart?

Primarily two reasons: -
First reason is, free as well as paid documents are available aplenty in the internet. They are predominantly compliance related, or design related. Most of the documents are high end and they are prepared and targeted for western markets. Ready to use documents in Indian scenario is just not available. we want to fill the void.

The second reason is, our love for SMEs of India, being a division of SMB Enablers. SME employees are faced with day to day problems and they sit in front of the computer not knowing what to do. We want to provide a solution to this problem.

3. What type of documents are stored?

They are purely business-related documents. Documents required for various departments of SMEs are classified such as Sales & Marketing, Finance, etc. They are available for download. They are predominantly office documents such as Word, Excel and Power Point and in some cases PDF.

4. Can I readily use the documents?

They are fully editable office documents. You can use them as such or modify them and use it.

5. Do I have to pay for using the documents?

No. You don’t have to pay for it. But we may come out with a few value-added services such as CMA Data preparation, Valuation, etc., you may have to pay a nominal fee per use for these services. There is no compulsion to avail these services.

6. Are there any restrictions?

There are a few. Numbers of documents that can be downloaded per month by one user is restricted. This is because of the bandwidth constricts at the moment. It will be relaxed soon.

These documents are given for your personal / business use. You cannot freely distribute these documents either through electronic mode or physically without getting express approval from us.

7. Do you have all the documents?

The website is growing. We want to reach that stage at some point. We believe there will come a stage – if we don’t have it you don’t need it. We are not there yet, you can do your bit. You can send your documents if they are not copyrighted to us. There is a separate form provided for it.

Here is the link – Click and Upload!

8. Do I need to do any additional work in using the documents, installing the font, etc.?

So long as you have Microsoft office installed in your computer you have fine. If you don’t have it, we suggest you download Open Office and install it. Alternatively, you can simply open the files in google drive which is free.

9. Do I need to know anything more?

There is an editor for word documents already available in the site. We suggest using it for repetitive documents such as debtors follow-up. Your last edit is stored for one month. You can go back and simply use it for another customer. So, all repetitive documents can be used within the portal itself.

10. Should you need to know anything more, please read terms and conditions and privacy policy.


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